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Intelligent Spam Detector
for Microsoft Outlook

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Intelligent Spam Detector for MS Outlook is the Com Add-In for Microsoft Outlook. It allows detecting undesirable messages within incoming e-mail on POP3 accounts, performing classification spam - legitimate mail.

This application is built on Advanced Algorithms original product - Intelligent Spam Detector Engine and it has the following features and advantages:

  • Personalization. ISDO builds a personalized model of users legitimate mail and spam-flow.
  • Autonomy. ISDO does not use external knowledge bases and so it does not need updates from the outside.
  • Adaptivity. ISDO adapts dynamically to changes in legitimate mail flow and spam flow, it does not require rules definitions and keeping of processed spam-messages.
  • Multilingualism. ISDO does not depend on e-mail messages language. It can work with different languages without any special tuning.
  • Robustness. ISDO is capable to classify successfully absolutely new sorts of spam-messages as well as masked spam.
Intelligent Spam Detector
Enterprise Edition

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Intelligent Spam Detector Enterprise Edition (ISD EE) is the server application with multi-agent architecture. It detects undesirable e-mail and it can be integrated with corporate e-mail system. This product is based on Intelligent Spam Detector Engine.

Key features of ISD EE:

  • Universality ISD EE can be easily integrated with different widespread e-mail systems like Sendmail, Communigate Pro, MS Exchange, etc.
  • Personalization ISD EE builds a personalized filtering model for each user according to his/her own correspondence.
  • Distribution Mullti-agent architecture gives the necessary concurrency level.
  • Security Personal user information is localized and protected. Isolated system components for secure data interchange use SSL protocol.
  • Flexible classification ISD EE supports different ways to process spam messages. Among them placing messages in corresponding folders for IMAP users.
Medical Information System

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This product is being developed jointly with Moscow City Center of Liver Transplantation for conducting electronic case histories.

Key features and advantages:

  • The system supports creation of templates for custom tests
  • It operates with complicatedly structured objects
  • Access control subsystem
  • Wide application area

The current version is under the trial use in Moscow Center of Liver Transplantation. The next version will provide analytical options with Data Mining.


Software products for bank officer workplace automation, including the following modules:

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AdvancedBank: AdvancedCredit

AdvancedCredit module provides analytical accounting for bank credit operations. The system covers different credit agreement schemes and supports all necessary service operations. It maintains automatically the actuality of settlements (interest calculation, fine for delay in payment, etc.) without users activity. The system can communicate with other information systems used in the bank (like Diasoft automated banking system and etc.)

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AdvancedBank: AdvancedDepoViewer

AdvancedDepoViewer module is design to automate the work of deposit department with bank clients on the stage of deposit product selection. The module gathers initial information about the client and his/her requests and then forms several variants of personalized proposals for this client. The system supports operations with multicurrency deposits. It provides calculating the optimal currency basket proportions for multicurrency deposit based on historical fact sheet on currency movement.

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